Azadeh Keivani, PhD

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Azadeh Keivani is a Senior Data Scientist at NewYork-Presbyterian, with several years of experience in scientific research, teaching, and entrepreneurship. During her academic years, she led various research projects in physics and astronomy, developed several statistical and machine learning models, resulting in 100+ publications in prestigeous journals.

Dr. Keivani received her PhD in physics from Louisiana State University, followed by postdoctoral training in particle astrophysics at Pennsylvania State Univrsity. She then joined Columbia University as a Lecturer in the Discipline of Physics and continued research through her NASA and NSF grants at the Columbia Astrophysics Laboratory. Prior to NYP, she was a senior data scientist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, where she researched and developed cutting-edge technology solutions for cancer care. She is also the co-founder and executive director of Digital Age Academy Inc., an educational technology nonprofit that prepares youth for the future of work through entrepreneurial development programs.

Dr. Keivani has always been interested in sharing the wonderful world of science and technology with others, especially with those who are at the beginning of the road. The highlights of her outreach activities include mentoring high school students at the American Museum of Natural History and moderating Staryab that she co-founded in 2014. Staryab is an astrophysical literature website written in Farsi that has been publishing articles in simple language about the world of professional astronomy for undergraduate students for about 10 years. Since she left the physics academia, she has been giving inspirational talks about different job opportunities for scientists outside of academia and writing articles on LinkedIn to advocate for horizontal growth in science and technology.