Jeffrey Ruhl, MS

Jeffrey Ruhl is a Project Manager at NewYork-Presbyterian, boasting over a decade of experience in clinical research and innovation. Throughout his career, he has managed a variety of projects, ensuring that each project meets high standards of quality and compliance from conception to completion. At NYP, Jeffrey collaborates with a talented team of data scientists and engineers, where he plays a key role in the development, validation, and clinical implementation of machine learning models aimed at improving patient care and outcomes, specifically in the realm of cardiovascular disease.

Before joining NYP, Jeffrey served as a Research and Development Manager in the Department of Translational Data Science and Informatics at Geisinger Health in Danville, PA. During this time, he led both internally and externally facing research and quality initiative projects focused on enhancing patient care and outcomes. Jeffrey's experience in clinical research and project management has equipped him with the skills necessary to thrive in his role at NYP and make meaningful contributions to the field of healthcare innovation.